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What's in New Star Science?

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Six Minute Science

Simmering activities to fire your pupils' imaginations

Introduce a little magic into your lessons with this series of teacher-led science tricks - short activities that illustrate scientific principles at work, often in surprising ways. The activities can be slotted into your lessons whenever you get a few free moments. They can be used as an independent dip-in resource if you do not use New Star Science as a whole-school programme.

  • Teacher-led activities to spark curiosity and encourage idea sharing
  • Aids understanding of scientific concepts through active discussion
  • Activities are easy to prepare and deliver using everyday classroom equipment.


Teaching Materials

Group Discussion Book

  • Gets children thinking and talking about simple scientific concepts
  • Can be used as starting points for play-based group activities

Teachers’ Resource Book
Ideal for the non-specialist teacher, the Foundation level uses high-quality photographs to stimulate discussion and introduce scientific ideas.

  • Gives advice for using the Group Discussion Book
  • Outlines the Early Learning Goals at the start of each unit


Key Stages 1 and 2
Teachers’ Notes offer complete support and guidance, with specific advice for the non-specialist teacher.

  • Each unit provides a comprehensive introduction
  • Continuous guidelines for meeting objectives and skills development
  • Related to the pages in the Big Books and Pupil's Books
  • Cross-curricular links and guidance for using ICT 
  • Photocopiable task sheets related to the Pupil's Books.


Pupil Resources

Key Stage 1 Big Books uses stories to introduce scientific ideas. The Big Books contain:

  • Fun illustrations and stories to engage younger children
  • Games and ideas which relate to activities in the corresponding Pupils' Books
  • Practical tasks to demonstrate how scientific concepts relate to real life.


KS1 Pupils' Books
Gives infants a progressive sequence of tasks that build scientific understanding step-by-step. Develops concepts introduced in the Big Books.

  • Provides opportunities for children to demonstrate their understanding
  • Contains stories, poems and songs to enrich the learning experience
  • Supports scientific enquiry throughout.


KS2 Pupils' Books

These further build on scientific understanding and:

  • enable pupils to work individually or in pairs
  • provide activities linked to unit objectives to improve children's scientific thinking
  • introduce extension opportunities through Extra Challenge tasks
  • support investigative work with specific Scientific Enquiry activities.


Teacher's Assessment Books

Making Science assessment quicker and easier If you'd like to spend more time teaching science and less time labouring over assessment tasks, then put Teacher's Assessment Books at the top of your list!

  • Outline clear assessment methods based on observation as well as practical and written work
  • Give assessment guidance for every unit in the QCA Schemes of Work
  • Outline expectations for three ability levels
  • Fully referenced to tasks in New Star Science.


Teaching Scientific Enquiry

Teaching Scientific Enquiry Book
3 books - for Years 1/2, Years 3/4 and Years 5/6. With the increased emphasis on Scientific Enquiry in the SATs, these books are the ideal means of giving children a structured, progressive framework for developing complex scientific enquiry skills.

  • Provide a planned programme of learning from Infants to Year 6
  • Break skills down into manageable chunks so that children learn at the right pace
  • Are designed to be used alongside any programme or Scheme of Work


Interactive Activities and Investigations

New Star Science Software for Key Stages 1 and 2 is the ideal way to enhance and extend your science lessons.

  • Packed with an unrivalled variety of resources, pupil activities and scientific investigations
  • Fully matched to the QCA Scheme of Work
  • Written by the New Star Science author team, so it blends perfectly with the rest of the programme
  • Combines a range of activities to give you the variety needed to keep your children motivated


Group Discussion Book

For the Foundation Years to grow scientific awareness in the Early Years.

Large-format book contains topic-based photographs which you can use to:

  • get children thinking and talking about scientific concepts
  • build play-based group activities around each topic
  • give children ideas for creating their own play area in the classroom