New Star Science

New Star Science

Case Studies

Vicky Patton at Rose Hill Primary School, Oxford

About the school

Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford are using New Star Science from Foundation to Year 6. The school allocates 2 lessons per week to science and places great importance on doing practicals, including them in at least one lesson per week. The Science Co-ordinator, Vicky Paton, tells us about the school's use of the programme.

Topic-based approach

"We use all the units of New Star Science for all years, and have been using it for the past 3-4 years. I choose the programme because we were starting to feel there was some overlap between our coverage of the QCA topics, and we felt that the topic-based approach of New Star Science would help resolve these issues."

Clear structure and layout

"We find that New Star Science works well for us across the school. The structure is great because it lets individual teachers approach it in the way that best suits them and their class. The layout is clear, and the guidance in the Teacher's Notes is very good, particularly in terms of indicating potential pitfalls. The children like using the Pupil Books as well. I find that there is plenty of material to occupy the brighter sparks, which is a great plus."

Testing the software

"Ginn approached us at the beginning of the year and asked if I would try out the New Star Science Software – Interactive Activities and Investigations in the classroom as part of their testing process. We tried out all four years of the software in class and talked about what we thought about of the software in class. We then filled in some forms, detailing our opinions and sent them back to the editorial department at Ginn."


"I found that it was very simple to use and easy to navigate and the children felt the same way too. They enjoyed doing the activities and thought the graphics were great. I found that it provided a good fit with the topics covered by the New Star Science units, and that there were a good range of activities. There are some excellent visual activities for recapping (which also saves you from setting up an investigation), and there are solid opportunities for use of fair test data."

Why this is the best science software

"It's innovative, educational and fun! I really like the way that it puts activities in context with the rest of the programme, and I also like the way it gives the user control in tackling the activities at the most appropriate pace for them."