New Heinemann Maths

New Heinemann Maths


Press Reviews

Linton Waters, October 1999, TES Friday

'The New Heinemann Maths Teaching File is attractively presented and easy to use, thanks to clearly labelled dividers and helpful cross-referencing. It provides three-part lesson suggestions linked to specific teaching objectives without attempting to prescibe the programming'.


Anthony Cuthbert

September 2004, Schoolzone

'Although the [The NHM Pupil Activity Software]is closely linked to NHM, there would be no difficulty in it being used as a separate, stand-alone resource to support Numeracy Strategy topics. It would fit effortlessly and allow ICT to be rooted in numeracy whatever resources are being used. The teachers guide not only references the CD's topics to those in the textbooks and teachers books (Pg 52) but also to the National Numeracy Strategy (Pg 53).'

"New Heinemann Maths Software 6 has 60 appropriate activities aimed at the correct level, using vocabulary suitable for year 6 children. The software is easy to use and and the simple navigation and support for the children means that there needs to be little teacher supervision. "


Customer Reviews

Dilys Bartell, Blake C of E Primary School, Numeracy Co-ordinator

User School Case Study

The Blake School in Witney have been using NHM since 1998. Mrs Bartell, the Numeracy Co-ordinator, talks here about using it with her Year 2 class.

Using the Teaching File
I like the layout – I think it’s very well organised and the lesson structure is good. It’s not worksheet driven, which I like, and that cuts down on the paperwork. The planning is flexible as well, which is another plus point. One of the best things about NHM is that there are some cracking good teaching ideas. NHM always suggests two ways of doing things, so you have that variety, that level of choice. It’s a hands-on approach to teaching, it’s not too theoretical, and there are always plenty of practical tips.

Pupils love NHM
The pupils do love NHM because it's so visual. There is a lot of visual stimulation, and there's plenty of interaction, which the pupils respond really well to. 

NHM in a nutshell
As far as I am concerned, NHM allows you to be the driver, but gives you plenty of back-up, so that you can use it exactly as you want. That’s my personal opinion, but I think it works well for the rest of the staff here as well. In fact one of my colleagues has said that she has never taught maths so well!