New Heinemann Maths

New Heinemann Maths

Digital Learning

New Heinemann Maths is flexible and practical, enables you to organise your teaching by topics or by blocked unit of work. This complete maths programme provides outstanding digital planning support, exceptional teacher resources and motivating pupil materials.  


Pupil Activity Software 

Designed to integrate effortlessly with the printed resources, the Pupil Activity Software is the perfect way to embed ICT into your maths teaching.

  • Activities are differentiated to 3 levels
  • Straightforward record-keeping system
  • Requires minimal teacher supervision
  • Has simple navigation that increases your pupil's independence
  • Sits perfectly alongside your existing planning and teaching resources.


Framework Unit Planning CD

A unique planning tool, which gives you absolute flexibility to customise your short-term planning. NHM is the only maths programme to offer such a flexible and user-friendly tool, and it offers:

  • a means to produce, edit and save your own weekly plans
  • a comprehensive way of matching all the material in NHM to theFramework termly planning grids
  • a quick and easy way of linking your termly record of work charts to the Framework
  • a bank of differentiated pupil activities.


The Teaching File and CD Rom:

  • Provides true variety and interactivity for your oral and mental starters.
  • Suggests a wide choice of practical and oral teaching activities and suggestions for clearly
  • focused review sessions.
  • Activities enable you to adjust the pace of teaching to suit your class and offer options for consolidation, 
  • reinforcement, extension and differentiation.