New Heinemann Maths

New Heinemann Maths


How does NHM help with Assessment?

With a flexible strategy that helps you monitor the progress your children are making. Assessment in NHM is easy-to-manage and comprehensive, and helps you amend your planning as you identify any problem areas. NHM gives you a three-strand approach to assessment – ongoing, assessment for specific topics and longer-term. 


What about pupil material?

NHM has pupil resources that are clear, fun and easy to use. Activity Books are used from Reception to Year 3, Textbooks and Extension Textbooks throughout KS2. 

Is NHM easy to implement?

Very. The programme is compact, yet provides everything you need to plan and run successful daily maths lessons. It is a very supportive programme, but offers real flexibility, by giving you the choice of what to teach and when, or how closely to follow the Teaching File.

Will it reduce the amount of time I spend planning?

Absolutely. NHM offers a two-pronged approach to planning, which allows you to easily organise your teaching by topic or by NNS objective. In addition, the unique and fully customisable Framework Unit Planning CD enables you to produce, edit and save your own weekly plans. 

Question:Does NHM offer a whole-school solution?

NHM is fully published from Reception to Year 6. It caters for different levels of pupil ability, and the Framework Unit Planning CD contains a bank of differentiated pupil activities, with ready-made support and extension ideas for every activity in each unit throughout NHM. It is a practical resource for all staff, from NQTs to experienced maths co-ordinators, providing a value-for-money whole-school solution.