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Offering you a flexible course for international curricula

Flexible and practical, New Heinemann Maths materials offer you a tailored course that is matched to the CIPP curriculum and is ideal for the international classroom.

This complete maths programme enables you to organise your teaching by topic or by curriculum units and provides outstanding planning support, exceptional teaching resources and motivating pupil materials. The course is also ideal for schools following the UK National Curriculum in Mathematics.

New Heinemann Maths puts you in the driving seat…

  • Packed with thorough practice for all concepts, with materials to reinforce fluency in number facts and provide problem-solving activities.
  • Designed to develop children’s mathematical thinking skills, with in-built assessment and structured development of each separate topic.
  • A supportive resource for teachers with all levels of experience, with step-by-step teaching guidance and all materials needing to be copied available in PDF format, making it easier to print out and copy.


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