Press Reviews

Heather Woodward, 2002

"Storyworlds Pupil Activity Software Stages 7–9 contains a wealth of short, structured activities that cover many areas of the National Literacy Strategy for Year 2. These activities and games are organised on a stage basis with the Storyworlds’ reading scheme, and the relevant National Literacy Strategy code is given for each one. The graphics, sound and animation are excellent and a good source of motivation. The program is easy to navigate and fun for pupils to use independently or as part of a shared/guided reading session. The program is easy to load. There is an option that records the pupils’ scores and the objectives they have covered. Overall, this is a very valuable resource." 


Liz Marshall, 2002

"Storyworlds Pupil Activity Software Stages 4-6 is a useful CD-ROM if you use Storyworlds books. The content is very closely linked to the books and is pitched at an appropriate level for the pupils. However, the software is totally dependent on the pupil’s having knowledge of the books, so it would be inappropriate for general use. The activities are well thought out, with enough repetition to make them easy for young children to use. The graphics, animation and sound are of good quality and all instructions are spoken. All the books in the series stages 4-6 are covered which makes the program a very useful resource for supporting both guided and individual reading."


Customer Reviews

Sharon Nicklin, Sugar N'Spice Day Nursery, Proprietor

"These books [Storyworlds Reception/P1 Stage 2, Animal World, Bingo Wants to Play (6 Pack)] are fun for the younger children to read. I have been using these books for around four years and have found that they have good discussion points."


Lucy Driver, Cumnor School, Oxford, Key Stage 1 Leader

"Storyworlds offers a wide choice of stories that appeal to all children at key stage 1. I like the way that the guided/independent reading books are split into 4 'worlds' and that there are characters that apear throughout the stories, as my pupils feel like they 'grow up' with the characters and really look forward to reading about what might happen to them next. I also particularly like the stories for the early stages of Storyworlds, because they're not just word books, and the children feel like they're reading real books.

Out of our reading resources for higher ability children, Storyworlds Bridges is a very popular choice. The stories are fantastic, and the children really do love reading them in school and at home.

The children love the software - especially Spotty the dog who guides them through the activities!

Reading confidence has definitely improved since we've been using Storyworlds. The broad range of stories means that there's a story that every child wants to read, and some of the stories are so well liked that the children want to read them again and again!"

  • I like the variety of text in the Storyworlds books. The children respond very well to the stories and the parents find them enjoyable to read at home.
  • The structured progression of both the books and workbooks and reinforced format makes this scheme an instant hit with pupils and staff alike.
  • The Storyworlds scheme is ideal for all reading abilities building up confidence and achieving success quickly.
  • I like the well organised approach to Storyworlds books, the repetition within each stage, the amusing, colourful stories, the teacher's guide and the guided reading cards.