Rigby Star Independent

Rigby Star Independent


When should I use Rigby Star Independent?

Rigby Star Independent contains a wide range of engaging stories and non-fiction texts designed to help children gain that all important practice of core reading skills during their independent reading sessions. The series has been specially designed to support and reinforce the word recognition and language comprehension skills you will teach in your other literacy sessions.

The Rigby Star Independent readers are great for independent reading in school but are also perfect as take-home readers as they include lots of helpful tips for parents to help their child with their independent reading at home.


How does Rigby Star Independent work alongside my guided reading resources?

You can use Rigby Star Independent alongside any guided reading resources and be confident that your children are using a book at the right level for their reading ability. That is because each Rigby Star Independent reader is linked to an NLS Framework guided reading objective so you know your children will be practising and reinforcing the skills they are learning in their guided reading sessions. The language in each of the readers encourages children to apply the skills they have learned in guided reading, including prediction and comprehension, as well as using strategies to decode unfamiliar words.


If you already use Rigby Star Guided in your classroom, you can make further links between your guided and independent reading. The Planning Organisers include links from each Rigby Star Independenttitle to each Rigby Star Guided reader, so you can ensure each child's follow-on independent reader is pitched perfectly with their guided reader. In addition, each Fantastic Forest guided reader is linked to a Clinker Castle independent reader for highly motivating and engaging independent reading follow-up.


How does Rigby Star Independent help build children's confidence as readers?

Reading confidence is vitally important to maintain children's interest in reading and to boost their self-esteem. That's why we've carefully levelled each Rigby Star Independent reader to the Book Bands for guided reading, making sure each one is at a slightly easier level than its equivalent guided reader so that children are able to tackle the stories on their own. A successful and enjoyable reading experience really boosts children's confidence and Rigby Star Independent readers deliver just that.


What support is there for parents or carers?

Each Rigby Star Independent reader includes practical inside notes for parents and Teaching Assistants. These include simple suggestions for before and after reading, ideas for discussions around the book and questions to ask to check comprehension. They also include helpful hints such as what to do if the child comes across an unfamiliar word and how to look at the cover and pictures for clues about the story.


Next steps?

Find out more about what's in Rigby Star Independent, download the Rigby Star Independent Structure Chart and get in touch with your local educational consultant.