Rigby Star Independent

Rigby Star Independent


What's in Rigby Star Independent?

There are 130 titles in Rigby Star Independent. The programme can be used alongside any guided reading resources and its structured progression means you'll always find the right reader for each child's reading ability.

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Non-fiction readers – 24 brilliant books for curious minds

Like the fiction readers, each Rigby Star Independent non-fiction reader includes notes for parents and Teaching Assistants, to help them provide encouragement and support to the child as they read independently. There are ideas for simple discussions to check comprehension, helpful suggestions for checking key skills before and after reading and text types and genres are clearly highlighted.

Programme Organisers – one per year and two series-specific

Rigby Star Independent comes with lots of teaching support to help you use the books alongside your existing guided reading resources.

A Programme Organiser per year includes links from every book through to learning objectives and Assessment Focuses and shows how each reader links to a corresponding Rigby Star Guided reader.


Rigby Star Independent Programme Organiser Sample small

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Don't forget to check out our FAQs for ideas and advice on how to use Rigby Star Independent in your classroom.