Rigby Star Guided

Rigby Star Guided


What's in Rigby Star Guided?

There are 190 fiction and non-fiction readers in the Rigby Star Guided range and each reader has its own unique Teaching Version. With plenty of support for planning and assessment as well as exciting pupil software, it's no wonder teachers love Rigby Star Guided as much as the children do!

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110 fiction readers to excite and delight

These colourful stories are much-loved classroom favourites, to be found in book boxes up and down the land. And with such a broad range of titles from Lilac to Lime level, and genres including plays, traditional tales and fantasy stories, you can be sure to find the right story at the right level for your guided reading groups.


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From Gog's Good Idea, Year 1 (P2), Blue level fiction reader

44 non-fiction readers for inquisitive readers

Our non-fiction readers have been carefully levelled to ensure they match children's reading abilities from Red to Lime level. They include lots of different text types as models for children's writing, cross-curricular links and a wealth of speaking & listening opportunities.

Teaching Versions – 110 ways to help with the simple view of reading

Rigby Star Guided teaching support is unbeatable. Each title has its own Teaching Version, with guidance on the simple view of reading, Assessment for Learning, word recognition and language comprehension. High frequency words, text and genre summaries, as well as opportunities for speaking and listening are clearly illustrated.

Each Fantastic Forest Teaching Version also includes running records and levelled guidance sheets, to help you build up a range of evidence of your children's attainment that will feed into your APP assessment.


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From Gog's Soup Teaching Version, Year 2 (P3), Yellow level

Planning & Assessment Guides – one per year group

A guide for each of Foundation and Years 1 and 2 provide all the support you need for Assessment for Learning and will help you plan and run each lesson with a clear objective and regularly assess children's understanding and development of reading skills. Workbooks are also available to help reinforce vocabulary and comprehension.