Rigby Star Guided

Rigby Star Guided


Press Review

Hugh Myott, Hordle Walhampton School, 2003

"Clearly, [Rigby Star Pupil Activity Software'sease of use is the program’s real strength – the ability to swap user easily while adjusting levels made it most versatile in a Key Stage 1 classroom. Meeting the requirements of teacher and pupil in the context of specific and aligned learning, as well as being fun and interesting to use, made it a real success. It generated a positive attitude from all pupils who used it along with a degree of envy from the parallel class who are yet to experience its fun. The monitoring and assessment by the teacher was easy and trouble-free. Pupils were able to work comfortably in pairs or on their own. The bold screen had considerable advantages as the screen could be read from a distance and the teacher was able to monitor progress while carrying out other tasks." 


Customer Review

Mr A Chorlton, Grovelands CP School

"We have been extremely pleased with Rigby Star Guided and Rigby Star Independent and feel they have made a significant difference in our literacy, especially true in raising the quality of Guided Reading through the teachers' books. We believe that the products have contributed to the raising in standards in literacy and improved our SATs results in reading at Key Stage 1."