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Treble the progress of Phonics with Rapid Phonics

Rapid Phonics makes phonics sessions quick, memorable and fun for EAL learners. It includes lively, age-appropriate and 100% decodable readers for really fun phonics lessons that build children’s reading confidence.

Meet the needs of all learners

All Rapid Phonics books are 100% decodable and finely levelled so you can be sure to target the exact needs of your learners. Packed with age-appropriate characters, topics and artwork, they make phonics rewarding, motivating and a gateway to a life-long love of reading.

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Based on a pedagogy that can TREBLE progress!

Rapid Phonics is written by renowned UK educational psychologist Dr Marlynne Grant, and is based on Sound Discovery - a pedagogy that has not only been tested for over eight years, but has been proven to treble the progress of children with reading and spelling difficulties. 

Take a look at Rapid Phonics structure for a more in-depth look at the programme.


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