Rapid Phonics

Rapid Phonics


What's in Rapid Phonics?

Rapid Phonics includes 56 age-appropriate readers for solo and one-to-one reading, Snappy Lesson plans for quick, memorable lessons and a wealth of extra learning materials.

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100% decodable readers

Each reader is 100% decodable and have all been finely levelled, in a great variety of fiction and non-fiction titles. Each book provides excellent opportunities to practise decoding skills – and comprehensive skills too.

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Snappy Lesson plans and assessments

Each of the three Rapid Phonics steps has a Teaching Guide packed full of easy-to-set assessments and Snappy Lesson plans.
Once you've used the placement tests to level a child, each Snappy Lesson can be set-up quickly and easily with helpful objectives, summaries and activities.


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Teaching Materials

Rapid Phonics includes a wealth of extra teaching material to help you deliver inspiring, snappy phonics sessions for your readers:

  • A Programme Handbook outlining the core principles of Rapid Phonics and the theory and method underlying the pedagogy that's proven to TREBLE progress.
  • Phonics Progression A1 wallchart
  • Flashcards and other photocopiable resources