Rapid Maths

Rapid Maths


How should I use Rapid Maths?

Rapid Maths is a KS2 (1st/2nd Level) maths programme designed to help SEN and struggling learners catch up in number skills.

  • Small group or one-to-one sessions led by an adult help your children grasp essential number concepts whilst having fun and building their confidence in maths
  • Independent practice software games help reinforce their essential maths skills and ensures they progress at the right pace and home maths books help extend their learning outside the classroom
  • Using benchmark tests, you determine each child’s starting point in the programme and assess their progress as they move through the levels

Rapid Maths Diagram

Next steps?

Find out more about what's in Rapid Maths, download the Rapid Maths Structure Chart and get in touch with your local educational consultant.