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Motivating children to Maths success

The Rapid pedagogy and motivational design make Rapid Maths ideal for developing English language learners Maths skills and confidence. Containing lots of real-life contexts, lively ideas, personalised support and repeated practice, Rapid Maths helps to progress children’s number skills.

Rapid Maths Resources

Levelled Pupil Books combine structured practice and sound progression with motivational comic-style design.

  • The Home Maths Books extend learning beyond the classroom.
  • The supportive Teaching Guides contain everything you need to deliver effective Maths lessons.

See the evidence

Written by expert author Rose Griffiths and containing lots of real-life contexts, lively ideas, personalised support and repeated practice, Rapid Maths can double children’s progress in number skills.

  • See the evidence that Rapid works. Our Evidence e-book contains school and LA case studies, results data and much more from real schools achieving real results with Rapid.
  • Take a look at Rapid Maths’ structure for a more in-depth look at the programme.
  • Check out our FAQs for advice on how to make the most of Rapid Maths in your classroom

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