Rapid Plus

Rapid Plus


What's in Rapid Plus?

Rapid Plus is an exciting new series of finely levelled books and software for ages 11-14 year olds.

Reading Books

The Rapid Plus Reading Books have been developed with series editor Dee Reid and in consultation with a team of highly experienced SEN experts. Available in a huge variety of genres and art styles, these Reading Books match the interests and experiences of 11-14 year olds. 

Online Software

The Rapid Plus Online Software is an easy, innovative way for SEN students to practise their reading skills independently, helping to build confidence. All the Rapid Plus Reading Books are available on-screen with interactive quizzes to build comprehension.

Assessment Books

An Assessment Book for each Rapid Plus stage contains two stories allowing teachers to assess students' progress and address difficulties if necessary before moving onto the next Rapid Plus stage.

Rapid Plus Assessment

Teaching Guides

Designed to work for both specialists and non-specialists, the Rapid Plus Teaching Guides provide step-by-step support for reading sessions and end of stage assessments.