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Proven to double pupils' normal rate of writing progress

Rapid Writing is a fun and motivational writing programme that is ideal for developing English language learners’ writing skills. With exciting visuals and fun skills practice software, children will love using these resources.

What's in Rapid Writing

  • With fun topics and fantastic-looking resources, brilliant text-to-speech story writing software that your children will love and excellent teaching support for your guided writing sessions, Rapid Writing can double children’s normal rate of writing progress.  
  • Our Evidence e-book contains school and LA case studies, results data and much more from real schools achieving real results with Rapid Writing.
  • Take a look at Rapid Writing's structure for a more in-depth look at the programme.

Rapid Writing


Rapid Writing pupil software

The Rapid Writing software helps children practice writing skills and write their own texts in a fun and engaging on-screen environment.

  • Supportive vocabulary prompts help children with their writing.
  • Instant feedback provides supportive help if children struggle
  • Children collect medals as they progress to help with motivation
  • The gradual build up of spelling, word recognition, sentence structure and punctuation activities reinforces children’s skills.

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