Rapid Writing

Rapid Writing


Press Reviews

April 2009, Special Children

Evidence shows that children improve if their auditory senses are engaged and with Rapid Writing they can type in their own text and have it read back by the computer. They can hear their errors immediately and this encourages them to redraft and improve what they have done.

May 2009, Junior Education

Rapid’s stylish and colourful resources offer the essential help that SEN children need to catch up with their peers in reading, writing and maths.


Customer Reviews

‘This is a neat set of resources that could very practically be delivered by a Teaching Assistant working with a small group of struggling writers. The guidance notes are very clear and give the TA a structure to work from.’ 

‘The writing log pages are bright and attractive and bound to appeal as they use the same kind of illustrations as the Rapid Readers which are always well received.’ 

‘I am very keen on using technology in all aspects of children’s learning and so I think the software aspect of the Rapid Writing materials is really important.’

‘One of the really wonderful things about Rapid Writing is that the materials are so motivational. They are very fun, they’re very bright, they are laid out beautifully, they give children opportunities to have a practice before they do the real thing.’ 

‘It’s linked to Rapid reading – because they have read the stories, they know the characters and the storylines, it gives them something to base their writing on. For some of these children it is the first time they have been able to link their reading to their writing.’ 

‘The software that goes with the Rapid Writing scheme is ideal for those children who are motivated by learning through ICT. It’s another opportunity for them to reinforce the skills that they have been learning as part of their Rapid Writing activity work.’