Rapid Writing

Rapid Writing


How should I use Rapid Writing?

Rapid Writing is a KS2 (1st/2nd Level) reading programme designed to help SEN and ELLs catch up in writing.

  • Rapid’s fun writing logs will support and scaffold your children’s writing in small group sessions to help build their writing confidence.
  • They then practise their independent writing with skill builder games and the text-to-speech software which allows them to hear and improve their own writing.
  • With regular assessment built into the programme to help you target children’s individual needs, Rapid Writing contains everything you need to run fun and effective writing interventions.

Are other schools really making double the normal rate of reading progess with Rapid?

Yes! As for Rapid Reading, schools all over the country have shared the 'before and after' results of their interventions using Rapid Writing, showing just how much of an impact regular sessions with Rapid Writing have had on their pupils.

Read more about how Rapid Writing can double normal rates of writing progress or take a look at more evidence that Rapid really works in our Evidence e-book.