Rapid Reading

Rapid Reading


What's in Rapid Reading?

Rapid Reading contains reading books for one-to-one reading, benchmark assessment books and teaching guides. It is perfect for using with your English language learners, aged 7-11.

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Printed reading books – 112 exciting stories and non-fiction texts

These fun books (8 each at Starter Levels 1 & 2 and 16 for each ofStages 1-6) are designed for one-to-one reading sessions. They have real boy-appeal, although with 112 books, including exciting stories and non-fiction texts to choose from, there’s plenty of variety for all your readers.

With cool illustrations and chunked texts, each book is age-appropriate and finely levelled to ensure you’ll always have the right book for each child. Each story is linked to a non-fiction test to build children’s vocabulary and knowledge.

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From White Water, Stage 1 (Series 2) Reading book 

Rapid Reading Online

Subscriptions to Rapid are available for all school sizes and include:

  • 224 fiction and non-fiction e-books
  • Read to me, click to prompt read and record features
  • Comprehension, fluency and vocabulary activities and rewards
  • Reporting including pupil profile and RAG scores...

    ... all in one easy to manage online platform!

Benchmark books – 1 for each Stage

The assessment books contain benchmarking tools to help you assess, monitor and track each child’s reading progress. One Benchmark book for each stage mirrors the look and feel of the Rapid’s reading books and is designed to be read after the reading books at that level.

Teaching Guides – 1 for Starter Levels and 4 for Stages 1-6

Rapid JillRapid’s pick-up-and-go teaching guides make interventions easy to set up and run; they’re perfect for teachers and contain guided reading lesson notes, ideas for speaking and listening, and follow-up activities to extend children’s comprehension, spelling and writing skills.