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Case Studies

NFER Case Studies

As part of the independent research study into the effectiveness of Rapid Reading, the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) trialled Rapid's reading materials and software on our behalf in a representative sample of ten primaries and one secondary school in England, Wales and Scotland.

NFER also independently commissioned, carried out and wrote the following series of case studies to illustrate their study. These case studies are completely independent and have had no input from us so are genuine and honest representations of how teachers and pupils felt about the Rapid Reading materials. The case studies are anonymous according to the participating schools' wishes.


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Case 1

Location: Birmingham, UK
No. of pupils: 167

A one form entry school that teaches children with 43 different mother-tongue languages. See how the school helped the overseas pupils settle in and achieve good SATs results.

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Rapid Case Study imageCase 2

Location: Lambeth, UK
No. of pupils: 468

A large, two-form entry primary school situated in the inner London Borough of Lambeth, close to Brixton, London. A residential area with a high level of deprivation.

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Rapid Case Study imageCase 3

Location: South Bristol, UK
No. of pupils: 365

A mixed, community primary school with nursery provision, drawing pupils aged 3-11 years from the local area.

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Rapid Case Study imageCase 4

Location: Surrey, UK
No. of pupils: 192

A small, one-form entry primary school providing for pupils aged 4-11 years. Situated in the north of Surrey, the school draws pupils from a wide catchment area.

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