Pearson Baccalaureate PYP Readers and Companions


Theme Packs

Contain one copy of all 20 readers in each theme


Program Components

Product Name
PYP Theme Pack How The World Works
price: £85.60
isbn10: 0435993259
isbn13: 9780435993252
PYP Theme Pack How We Express Ourselves
price: £85.60
isbn10: 0435993240
isbn13: 9780435993245
PYP Theme Pack How We Organise Ourselves
price: £85.60
isbn10: 0435993267
isbn13: 9780435993269
PYP Theme Pack Sharing the Planet
price: £85.60
isbn10: 0435993275
isbn13: 9780435993276
PYP Theme Pack Where We Are In Place and Time
price: £85.60
isbn10: 0435993232
isbn13: 9780435993238
PYP Theme Pack Who We Are
price: £85.60
isbn10: 0435993224
isbn13: 9780435993221

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