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Phonics Bug

Everything you need to teach synthetic phonics at Foundation and Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7)

Phonics Bug is written by Joyce Watson and Rhona Johnston, the team behind the highly regarded seven-year Clackmannanshire project into the synthetic phonics teaching method, which produced remarkable gains in children’s reading and spelling skills.

Phonics Bug is fast-paced – children start to read after learning just eight phonemes - and combines fun 100% decodable books with BBC CBeebies video and whole-class teaching software to give you a range of aural, visual and kinaesthetic phonic activities to appeal to all the children in your class.


Teachers love teaching with Phonics Bug

With Phonics Bug at your side, teaching phonics is easy. The whole-class teaching software gives you everything you need for front-of-class teaching and the 100% decodable readers, interactive games and fun activity sheets consolidate children’s learning and provide plenty of opportunities for active participation.

Once they’ve mastered the basics, children ‘step across’ to the Bug Club books for extra reading breadth and because every book is also available as an eBook, it’s easy for children to continue their reading adventures at home.

Try Phonics Bug for free in your classroom

We think the best way for you to appreciate the fantastic resources in Phonics Bug and Bug Club is to try in your classroom with our free 60 day trial.


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To find out how to use Phonics Bug in your classroom, contact your local educational consultant.

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