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The Bug Club Family is making an impact with schools and teachers all around the world. Find out more about what teachers and expert reviewers think about the Bug Club Family by visiting the Pearson Primary Impact site.

Take a look at the case studies and reviews below to see what makes Bug Club Phonics special.

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Bishop Henderson Primary, UK

Turning a trio of struggling boys into bookworms! See how Bug Club Phonics helped three boys from a rural primary school in Somerset make enormous strides in reading, by knocking down barriers like low confidence and enthusiasm!

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Brookfield Infant School, UK

How Bug Club Phonics infected a whole class with the reading bug! Brookfield Infants were struggling to find a phonics programme that really resonated with their pupils... until they tried Phonics Bug. Now their pupils can't get enough of phonics!


Independent reviews

“The Bug Club Phonics programme offers a comprehensive phonic development package that can be completed in as little as 16 weeks, or extended to meet the needs of individual children and classes… The high quality resources offered as part of this programme provide invaluable support to help busy teachers ensure they are effectively developing phonics within their classroom and having a lot of fun at the same time.” -John Dabell, Primary Teacher and trained Ofsted Inspector, UK  

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Happy teachers

  • "The children are very excited about Phonics Bug. You just know they're going to be engaged and motivated every step of the way." - Sue Feneiron, Brookfield Infants, UK
  • "The children enjoy playing it so much that every time we sit on the carpet they ask me if we can play it, and they couldn't be better behaved when I tell them we're going to play it because they all want to be the one to have the next turn!” - Rebecca Williams, Badgemore Primary, UK 

Educating Mumbai's Street Children

Andy Robson, Deputy Head at Surrey Hills Primary School, UK, gives up much of his holiday time to work with his Street Life charity in Mumbai. Andy took some Bug Club Phonics readers with him to Mumbai and sent us these photos. Find out about his work with charity Vision Rescue and how you can help. 

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