Bug Club

Bug Club

Bug Club Lime Plus

KS1 Stamina Readers for your high achievers

Bug Club Lime Plus books give high attaining children age-appropriate stories which help them to work at greater depth, and allow you to measure their reading progress.

There are 12 fictional readers, each with inside cover notes which offer comprehension questions for children reading independently. Varying from 32 to 48 pages long, each book is carefully leveled and built to help children build stamina and manage a longer, more involved text, without moving them out of age-appropriate stories and topics.

Also included is a teaching guide, which gives a concise lesson plan and photocopiable writing activity for each title in Lime Plus. Lesson plans provide teacher support for Guided Reading sessions, and focus on developing children's core comprehension skills. 

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Program Components

Product Name
Bug Club Lime Plus A: Aliens in the House
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194208
isbn13: 9780435194208
Bug Club Lime Plus A: Escape to Tekron
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194216
isbn13: 9780435194215
Bug Club Lime Plus A: Karate Chaos!
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194224
isbn13: 9780435194222
Bug Club Lime Plus A: My Name is Moby
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194232
isbn13: 9780435194239
Bug Club Lime Plus A: Play It Again, Sam
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194259
isbn13: 9780435194253
Bug Club Lime Plus A: What a Whopper!
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194518
isbn13: 9780435194512
Bug Club Lime Plus B: Island Emergency
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194542
isbn13: 9780435194543
Bug Club Lime Plus B: It's a Dog's Life
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194550
isbn13: 9780435194550
Bug Club Lime Plus B: Purple Parrot
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194569
isbn13: 9780435194567
Bug Club Lime Plus B: Robots Rule!
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194577
isbn13: 9780435194574
Bug Club Lime Plus B: Why the Sea is Salty
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194623
isbn13: 9780435194628
Bug Club Lime Plus B: What If?
price: £5.80
isbn10: 0435194593
isbn13: 9780435194598

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