The Reader's Journey 2013


The Reader's Journey is an innovative novel-based Language Arts program dedicated to making students lifelong readers. The program was developed using Grant Wiggins's Understanding by Design® Framework  - a common sense approach for connecting curriculum, instruction and assessment so students develop deep understanding every day. 

Designed for today’s middle school classroom, The Reader's Journey is a standards-based program that combines the flexibility of a leveled library with the comprehensive curriculum coverage that has been a hallmark of Prentice Hall language arts programs.

With six different novels at various reading levels per unit, this program gives you unmatched flexibility in meeting the needs of all learners.  You may also choose to select titles from your own library!  Student Work Texts are colorful and captivating and sharpen reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and communication skills.  A full array of teaching support is available to ensure success for both teacher and student.  Enjoy the journey!

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