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Bug Club


Welcome to the future of reading

Wherever children want to read - Bug Club will be there. In the classroom, at home, on the move. Bug Club takes children on a personalised reading journey where the only limits are their imaginations.

Bug Club hooks children into reading with a truly engaging interactive world alive with characters they know and love and a sophisticated reward system to keep them motivated. It’s a whole school online programme backed up with all the support teachers need to get them up and running. Bug Club works on PC, laptop and iPad.

iPad Compatibility

Children can now read their favourite Bug Club titles at home, play a Grammar and Spelling Bug game on the bus, or spend their rewards in the RaceWorld at the end of the day.

A great new child-centered pupil world

Children love the new select-your-own pupil homepages which change at each key stage and their ‘My Stuff’ area where they can see the resources allocated to them and receive feedback on their activities.


Brilliant new pupil rewards

Gone are the old ‘there and then’ single rewards - in ActiveLearn Primary children can choose rewards from the familiar Treehouse and Game Zone, as well as the Skate Shack, Race World and Sticker Factory. They can spend them straight away or save them up to spend when they want.

Easily search for content

Bug’s predictive keyword search, search-by-themes functionality and the search filter system allows you to pinpoint by programme (Bug Club, Phonics Bug or Comics for Phonics) to understand what you’re using and when.


Admin tools to make your day-to-day Bug life easier

Bug’s Planning and Assessment Guides are available online so you’ll be able to access them wherever you are - even on your iPad! You have the freedom to edit other teachers’ accounts and classes and you can quickly visit individual children’s accounts and see what they see - great for resolving any issues on the go.


A single login for all your ActiveLearn Primary services

If you subscribe to WordsmithRapid ReadingAbacus and/or Science Bug (summer 2015) as well as Bug Club either now or in the future, a single username and password allows you and your children to access all of your Active Learn Primary platform subscriptions in one place!

Contact your local Pearson consultant to talk about Bug Club and how it can work for your school.


Customer Reviews

Kim Karnatz, Year 2 Teacher
Magister (The English International School),
24 March 2015

As an international school teacher, I have students entering Year 2 from all over the world with a wide range of previous educational experience and language ability. Bug Club gives me the flexibility to differentiate reading instruction throughout multiple leveled groups. Being able to track their progress in real time shows me what they are understanding and in turn, what they are struggling with, allowing me to quickly identify target areas of instruction. The children love having books right at their fingertips and I love how excited they get about reading. :)

Ciara Mooney, Miss
Winston Churchill,
24 March 2015

I use bug club as both a teacher and a family member. I have to say I love it. I can really see the improvement in my children when it is completed regularly and properly. Children enjoy the characters and the variety of stories means neither the children or I get bored. I would like a function that would allow the child to find the pronunciation of one word as oppose to the whole page. I like this 21st century take on reading. Thanks